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Roger Errera is a former senior member of the Conseil d’Etat, France’s Supreme Court for administrative law.
He is at present Visiting Professor at the Central European University in Budapest, where he teaches free speech and judicial review of administrative action.


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Participations institutions fraçaises, internationales
Participation to the activities of French and international institutions
2010 (December 6).

Royal Courts of Justice
Launch of the Bingham Centre.

Speech available here
2010 (November).

November 16:
Saint-Petersburg Law School. Speech on the European Convention on Human Rights.

November 18-20: Participation to the international conference organised by the Institute of law and Public Policy on "The European Convention of Human Rights and fundamental liberties in  the XXIst Century".

Paper on "The European Court of Human Rights and Interim measures : Scope of powers and Consequences for domestic Courts".

Commentary of the papers of Professors W. Sadurski "Eastward Enlargement of the Council of Europe and Constitutionalization of the European Court of Human Rights" and R. Arnold "The European Convention of Human Rights as an Element of European Constitutional Law"

2010 (June 4 & 5).
- Dahrendorf Programme for the Study of Freedom 

"Free Speech: Old Principles, New Circumstances" by Timothy Garton Ash and Jeremy Waldron. 

Presentation : "Group-libel and hate speech laws"

after the presentation of Timothy Garton Ash " Violence, Law and Civility".

2010 (May 27).


Conference organised by the Scottish Section of the Franco-British Lawyers Society on "State Policy and Religious Manifestation".

Paper on "Secularism, Separation, State Intervention and Religious Expression in France: Recent Developments".

2009 (November 19-21).
Saint-Petersburg Justice academy

Conference : "The role of the French Constitutional Council regarding the protection of fundamental rights and liberties".

November 20-21, 2009 : 

Attending the meeting organized by the Institute of Law and Public Policy : 

Paper: Lire le document en PDF "The right of property and freedom of enterprise in French constitutional law". 

2007 – 2006. Zurich University

Participation to the research on “The reception of the European Convention of Human Rights in Europe” organized by the Legal Sciences Institute of the Zurich University.

  • 2007 : participation, in charge of the evaluation of the second report on France and Germany, to an international conference in Zurich.
  • 2006: presentation of an evaluation report on the first report on France and Germany.
d 2006. New York

Participation to a debate organized by the Open Society Institute on “Protecting Fundamental Rights in the ‘War on Terror’: Perspectives from the United States and Europe”.

Paper on “Fundamental rights and the fight against terrorism”.

Download the text of the conference (PDF file) Read the PDF file.

d 2005. Ditchley Park, Britain

Participation to the conference organized by the Ditchley Foundation on “Freedom and Security : An Appropriate Balance ?”.

d 2005. London

Participation to the conference organized by the British Institute of International and Comparative Law on “European Influences on public law. 5 years of ther Human Rights Act 1998 in the UK and recent developments in France”.

Paper on “Application of Art. 9 ECHR in French and English law : How deep is the Channel ?”.

Download the text of the conference - PDF file Dowload the PDF file.

d 2001. Jerusalem

Exchange between the Conseil d’Etat, the Cour de cassation and the Israeli Supreme Court.

Presentation of a written report on “The protection of privacy in French public law”.

d 1991. Paris

Meeting with a delegation of Czechoslovak judges and lawyers.

Paper on “French administrative courts and civil liberties”.

d 1990.Paris

Seminar for Czechoslovak judges.

Paper on “French administrative courts and civil liberties”.

s Since 1986

Member of Interights (a London-based international human rights NGO) Advisory Committee.

d 1982-1986

Member of the French Human Rights Commission.

d 1981-1985

Member of the UN Human Rights Committee.

Geneva, November 6, 1984 : speech given when the second URSS report was discussed by the committee.

Download the PDF file Download the PDF file.

d 1983-1984

Chairman of the Committee on the Press and the Judiciary created by the Minister of Justice.

d Legal journals :

  • Revue trimestrielle des droits de l’homme, Brussels. Member of the Advisory Committee.
  • Human Rights Law Journal. Member of the Editorial Advisory Board.
  • Butterworths Human Rights Cases, London. Member of the Editorial Advisory Panel.